Jaana, a blonde hair woman stands in front a large mountain in Svalbard
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NAARCA Eco-Coordinator, Jaana Eskola (Finland), conducts residency site visits

Earlier this year, Jaana took part in the Creative Climate Leadership Scandinavia training programme (CCL) organised by Julie’s Bicycle. The sustainability coordinating work Jaana is doing within the NAARCA alliance forms part of the legacy project work within CCL. As part of the project Jaana will be conducting site visits to the NAARCA residencies around Europe during August-September.

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Testing Grounds Episode 6: ‘Narsaq International Research Station – Who Defines Progress?’ now available

Please note: this episode features brief mentions of suicide, alcoholism and violence. What does “progress” mean in an age of climate crisis? Who should define it? And how can the process of defining it be made more inclusive and democratic? Narsaq International Research Station (NIRS) is NAARCA’s Greenlandic partner. It’s an independent non-profit research platform…

Testing Grounds Episode 5: ‘Cove Park – Young People’s Voices on the Climate Crisis’ now available

What are young people’s views on the climate crisis? And how can artists, and art institutions, help to amplify their voices? Cove Park is NAARCA’s Scottish partner. It’s perched on a picturesque hillside on the Rosneath Peninsula, on Scotland’s West Coast. In this episode, Emma Henderson – Cove Park’s Curator of Engagement – introduces us…

Testing Grounds Bonus Episode: ‘Seasickness/Cur na Mara – a short story by Mairi Macleod’, now available

In this bonus episode, Glasgow-based Gaelic writer Mairi Macleod reads her short story, Seasickness/Cur na Mara. In 2023, Mairi was commissioned by NAARCA to create a short piece of fiction in both Scots Gaelic and English, and was also granted an 8-week residency at Saari Residence in Finland, where she wrote Seasickness. Mairi’s writing engages…

Writing Commission: Hanna Guttorm (Finland)

We are thrilled to announce that the second NAARCA writing commission has been awarded to Hanna Guttorm. About Hanna: Hanna Ellen Guttorm fumbles to learn a more sustainable way of living on the Earth in-between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous worlds as well as in-between arts and sciences. She has revitalised the language (and culture) of her father, North Sámi, and…


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