Jaana, a blonde hair woman stands in front a large mountain in Svalbard
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Jaana Eskola, the NAARCA Eco-Coordinator Conducts Site Visits

Earlier this year, Jaana took part in the Creative Climate Leadership Scandinavia training programme (CCL) organised by Julie’s Bicycle. The sustainability coordinating work Jaana is doing within the NAARCA alliance forms part of the legacy project work within CCL. As part of the project Jaana will be conducting site visits to the NAARCA residencies around Europe during August-September.

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Testing Grounds Episode 2: ‘Artica Svalbard – Climate Change and the Built Environment’ now available

How does the built environment affect our experience of the climate crisis – and vice-versa?Artica Svalbard is NAARCA’s Norwegian partner. It’s located on the Svalbard archipelago, in Longyearbyen – one of the world’s most northerly towns. Here, the climate crisis is impossible to ignore.In this episode, Charlotte Hetherington, director of Artica Svalbard, introduces us to…

NAARCA Writing Commission: Mairi Macleod (Scotland)

We are delighted to announce that the first NAARCA Writing Commission has been awarded to the Glasgow-based Gaelic writer Mairi Macleod, the recipient of the 2022 Young Gaelic Writer Residency at Cove Park, developed in collaboration with, and funded by, Comhairle nan Leabhraichean / The Gaelic Books Council.  Mairi will attend a two-month residency at Saari Residence …

NAARCA Pedagogy: Workshop at Cove Park with Edd Carr

On 28 January 2023, Edd Carr, a visual artist based in Leeds and co-founder of The Sustainable Darkroom, conducted a plant-based photography workshop at Cove Park for children and young people aged 7 and over.  Edd’s practice examines our relationship to the ecological crisis and the nonhuman world which served as a starting point for group…

Testing Grounds Episode 1: ‘Introducing NAARCA’ now available

As the climate crisis accelerates, how can artists’ residencies be testing grounds for new – and better – ways of living and working? The Nordic Alliance of Artists’ Residencies on Climate Action (NAARCA) is a coalition of seven organisations that are exploring this question together.So, how did NAARCA come about? What are its goals? And… what is…


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