Commissioned Artist

Rikke Luther is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. Her current work explores the new interrelations created by environmental crisis as they relate to the Earth System. Those relation compass themes related to landscape, language, politics, financialisation, law, biology, geology and economy, that expressed in drawn images, photography and film.

Over the course of two years (2022-24), Rikke Luther will embark on a research project entitled More Mud which will include residencies at Baltic Art Center (Sweden), Skaftfell Art Center (Iceland), Artica Svalbard (Norway) and research trips to Finland, and Greenland. From these field studies, NAARCA has commissioned a new film to be completed in Spring 2024.

More Mud  has its roots in Luther’s PhD Concrete Aesthetics: From Universal Rights to Financial Post-Democracy and will be a part of the Post Doc The Ocean-Lands: Mud Within the Earth System under ‘Queen Margrethe’s and Vigdís Finnbogadóttir´s Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Ocean, Climate, and Society’ (ROCS), The GLOBE Institute, Danish Natural History Museum and Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Copenhagen University.

Commissioned Writer

Mairi Macleod (b.1996) is a Gaelic writer from Glasgow, Scotland. A graduate of the University of Glasgow, she completed an undergraduate degree in Geography and a master’s degree in Earth Futures. Her creative work echoes her academic interests, critically engaging with humanity’s relationships with space, place, and the complex thing we call ‘nature’. As a young woman writing in a minority language, she wants to contribute not just to the survival of her language, but to its blossoming and evolution in different spaces.

In 2023, NAARCA commissioned a short piece of fiction in Scottish Gaelic that will be translated in English. This piece weaves the critical exploration of environmental issues with intersectional feminist themes. At the centre of this work will be embodiment, belonging, and human-animal relations. Writing in her native language of Scottish Gaelic, Mairi will also explore how the survival of minority languages intersects with the survival of “wild” spaces and landscapes. One of the short stories she will write is entitled Cur Na Mara (Seasickness) and will reimagine the story of the selkie wife (a well-known folk tale in Celtic and Nordic folklore) in the contemporary context of changing coastal and marine environments. As part of this commission, Mairi was granted an eight week funded residency at Saari Residence (Finland) after being awarded the Comhairle nan Leabhraichean / The Gaelic Books Council Gaelic Writer Residency at Cove Park (Scotland) in November 2022.

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