buildING a bridge around the most pressing global issue of our time

The Nordic Alliance of Artists’ Residencies on Climate Action (NAARCA) brings together Cove Park (Scotland) and Saari Residence (Finland), Artica Svalbard (Norway), Art Hub Copenhagen (Denmark), Baltic Art Center (Sweden), Narsaq International Research Station (Greenland), and Skaftfell Art Center (Iceland) to collaborate on research, institutional change and public education around climate action.

Seydisfjordur, Iceland

NAARCA is a 3-year project that brings together artists’ residencies from seven countries to collaborate on research, commissions, institutional change and education around climate action.


Artists’ residencies are exceptional institutions within the arts sector, as they have the opportunity to test, to practice, and to evaluate new types of behaviour and sustainable lifestyles in a safe environment where private, professional and public life intertwine.


→ Art Commissions &
Knowledge Production

New art and writing commissions from researchers and activists from all countries involved plus a podcast series.

→ Residency Exchanges

We exchange residents from artistic, academic and scientific backgrounds selected to specifically tackle the
issues at stake and to push the boundaries of cross-sector

→ Pedagogy

Collectively produced and shared digital resources and curricula for young people, families, students and teachers that will help disseminate information and influence actions around climate change.

The NAARCA project strives to embed the understanding of the four pillars of sustainability – ecological, social, psychological, and cultural – in all the work we do.


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