NAARCA Eco-Coordinator, Jaana Eskola (Finland), conducts residency site visits

Earlier this year, Jaana took part in the Creative Climate Leadership Scandinavia training programme (CCL) organised by Julie’s Bicycle. The sustainability coordinating work Jaana is doing within the NAARCA alliance forms part of the legacy project work within CCL.

As part of the project Jaana will be conducting site visits to the NAARCA residencies around Europe during August-September.

In Svalbard, I have been working together with the staff at Artica to find new ways for radical climate action in their organisation. I am also here to inspire Artica to adapt to even more sustainable modes in their everyday operation. 

My overall aim is to assist each of the residency organisations within NAARCA to create a clear vision for their climate action goals and to inspire the teams to constantly develop their own activities
to be more sustainable, both ecologically and culturally. Furthermore, I wish to inspire the staff and the directors of the NAARCA organisations to have solid trust in the transformative power of arts and culture in the fight against the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. (Jaana Eskola, Ecological Coordinator)

Jaana’s visits to each of the NAARCA partners harness the potential for co-learning and sharing practises and methodologies, finding solutions to the common issues that residencies face in relation to the environmental crisis.

  • Jaana, a blonde hair woman stands in front a large mountain in Svalbard
  • a group of three people sit in a circle amongst a glacial landscape
  • A group of people in a room with one person holding a microphone

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