Testing Grounds Episode 5: ‘Cove Park – Young People’s Voices on the Climate Crisis’ now available

Episode 5: Cove Park – Young People's Voices on the Climate Crisis Testing Grounds

What are young people’s views on the climate crisis? And how can artists, and art institutions, help to amplify their voices?

Cove Park is NAARCA’s Scottish partner. It’s perched on a picturesque hillside on the Rosneath Peninsula, on Scotland’s West Coast.

In this episode, Emma Henderson – Cove Park’s Curator of Engagement – introduces us to both the residency and the region, and to NAARCA’s pedagogy work. We then hear from artist Louis Brown and students Frankie O’Connor and Cameron Glendinning, both of whom recently graduated from a local high school. Frankie and Cameron were part of the “Net Zero Youth Voice” project, initiated by Imperial College London and facilitated by Louis – a youth-led film project that highlighted young people’s views on the climate crisis, air pollution, and Net Zero policies.

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Credits: Testing Grounds is produced and edited by Katie Revell and includes original music by Loris S. Sarid and artwork by Jagoda Sadowska. With thanks to Alex Marrs and the rest of the NAARCA team.

A captioned version of this episode is available on YouTube.

Featured in this episode:

Emma Henderson (she/her)
Curator of Engagement, Cove Park

Emma Henderson joined Cove Park in 2017. She is a print and pattern designer and illustrator based in Helensburgh. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art she has combined her passion for design, screen printing and patterns into a bold and eye-catching fashion and home wears brand. Selling nationally and internationally, clients have included Anthropologie, Whole Foods Market, Paperchase and Fenwiks. Emma’s first textile design collection was selected for the Scottish Show during the six cities design festival and subsequent commissions have included We are What We Do, Graham & Brown and Urban Outfitters. Prior to studying at Glasgow School of Art Emma worked at BAFTA Scotland and The Lighthouse while working on features film and TV productions such as ‘The Magdelaine Sisters’ and Book Group.

Louis Brown (he/him)
Artist and Filmmaker, East London Cable Company

Louis Brown is an artist filmmaker working independently & as a member of the collective East London Cable. Their work is primarily concerned with the politics of representation, using television and televisual formats to explore this further. His practice often focuses on collaboration; specifically, working with performance artists to produce and develop work that deals not only with “the live, in situ” performance, but how documentation can operate as an active element beyond evidence of work through choices in presentation.

Cameron Glendinning (he/him)

Cameron is a young environmentalist from Scotland. He is about to begin his studies in Geography at the University of Glasgow. He is passionate about climate change and in his spare time, he likes to play piano or go kayaking.

Frankie has recently graduated from high school and will be attending the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow to study Production Arts & Design. She thinks it’s really important to reuse materials when she design props for productions.

Katie Revell (she/her)

Katie Revell is a Glasgow-based freelance audio producer and (lapsed!) filmmaker with a particular interest in food, climate change, and relationships to the land. She grew up on the southeast coast of Scotland and has also lived in Germany, India and the USA. Since 2016, Katie has been part of the team behind the award-winning Farmerama Radio podcast, which shares the voices of regenerative and agroecological farmers in the UK and beyond. Katie was lead producer of Farmerama’s first series, Cereal, which explored the history of bread and profiled the UK’s “new grains movement”. She also co-produced Landed, a personal exploration of land ownership and colonial legacy told by a farmer’s son as he returns home to his family farm. Katie believes passionately in the need for creative responses to climate change, and is delighted to be on the NAARCA team.

Images provided by Cove Park.

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