Printing workshop developed at Artica Svalbard delivered at Cove Park as part of pedagogy programme

Artica’s Future Community Garden printing workshop took place in October 2022 and was developed as part of a larger community project looking at Svalbard’s unique nature and the changes they are experiencing due to climate change.

Living on Svalbard means being part of a small community, high up in the Arctic, where the effects of global warming are visible all year round. We have learnt to walk around our vulnerable nature in ways that protect it;
that is how we take care of the mosses, the lichen and plants that are growing low to the ground.

But what will Svalbard look like in future? How will our surrounding landscape change? How can we relate to the nature around us and take care of it? During the workshop you will create your own imagined nature prints that will go towards building a temporary community garden, which aims to provoke conversation about the complex climate situation on Svalbard.

Artica Svalbard, October 2022

In May 2023, Cove Park in Scotland delivered a bespoke version of Artica’s Future Community Gardens printing workshop as part of the Saturday Studios engagement programme.

We are collectively producing and sharing engagement curricula between the organisations involved in NAARCA. As we develop these creative workshops, we are particularly interested in their replicability and relevance across different contexts. Once developed and delivered at the originating institution, it is then tested by being delivered at a different residency centre. The lessons we learn during this process will inform our pedagogy toolkit – a digital resource for educators and families for engaging young people on climate action through creative activity.

Cove Park, May 2023

Images courtesy of Floortje Zonneveld for Artica Svalbard; Emma Henderson for Cove Park and with consent of the participants.

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