The main focus of the project is to
collectively delineate, practice,
monitor, evaluate
and further develop a series of practical actions, both internally and externally, for each institution to test and perform.

Sharing knowledge, experience,
expertise, and co-learning will be at the centre of the project. We want to radically and effectively change the ways in which our organisations travel, produce, consume, purchase, reuse,
recycle, up-cycle,
and dispose.

We want individual action to influence collective intelligence and vice versa, and we want to communicate, share, and disseminate our process and
findings, so as to positively influence local communities, transnational communities of interest and the sector
as a whole.

Cove Park (Scotland)

The project will function at the level of the organisation, the core residency programme, knowledge production and dissemination, and public
Each partner will be free to decide, depending on needs, skills and capacity, which elements of the partnership to undertake.

As the network includes large, medium and small organisations, with different remits and scopes of action, the partners won’t enforce reciprocity, but
rather operate on the basis of
infrastructure generosity and

Access, diversity, inclusion and intersectionality will be at the core of the project.

The ethos of the network is such that social, mental and environmental sustainability are completely intertwined and need to be considered as a whole. We are acutely aware of the lack of diversity within the international discourse around the environmental crisis and the responsibilities of the cultural sector, and we are determined to address the issue. Collaborators, researchers, artists, writers, translators, educators, communicators and all other stakeholders related to the project will be selected also for their non-normative perspectives on the issues at stake.

In summary, we will contribute replicable positive actions aimed at dismantling discrimination based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexuality, age and socio-economic status throughout all aspects of the project.


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