NAARCA Partners at Cove Park, November 2021
residency exchanges

We exchange residents from artistic, academic and scientific backgrounds selected to specifically tackle the issues at stake and to push the boundaries of cross-sector collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Rikke Luther, Commissioned Artist, 2022

We will commission new art and writing projects from artists, researchers, and activists from all countries involved, and will translate them in all languages involved, in order to encourage international dialogue and the real exchange of ideas that maintain access and inclusion at their core.

Artica Svalbard, 2022

We are conducting engagement workshops for young people, families, students and teachers and creating a pedagogical toolkit that will help share information and influence actions around climate change. This will be produced by the network partners in collaboration with their local communities.

Jaana Eskola at Artica Svalbard, 2022

Jaana Eskola, NAARCA’s Eco-coordinator carries out in-person and digital research visits and exchanges between all partners. The visits will harness the potential for co-learning and sharing practises and methodologies, finding solutions to the common issues that residencies face in relation to the environmental crisis.

Jaana Eskola at Cove Park, 2022

In 2023, we will release TESTING GROUNDS, a conversational podcast series. The speakers come from Nordic Countries and Scotland and represent different scientific, artistic, activist and indigenous knowledge. Discussion topics will include NAARCA’s approach to the climate crisis and its effects on the Nordic region within the context of the matrix of sustainability – ecological, social, mental, and financial.

NAARCA Partners at Cove Park, 2021

We will contribute to the shaping of the cultural and political agenda locally, nationally and transnationally, harnessing the force that long-term collaboration can bring to each partner’s individual struggle for radical change.


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